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My third year Major project is an animation exploring the inside of a plant. The shot above is from the opening sequence, which travels through the grass and eventually delves beneath the earth into the plant root. The animation then journeys through the various parts of the plant - the roots, stem, a leaf and finally the flower, where it leaves the plant. The project is rendered using Pixar's RenderMan®.



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A 2.5D matte painting done for a university project, with hot air balloons set in snow covered mountains. Although officially finished, I still intend to develop this a bit further, as I really enjoyed creating it. It was also a foray into digital painting in Photoshop and I would like to do more of this in the future.



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Requires Linux. RCS is necessary for versioning specific options, but is not required for thumbnailing scene files. Has only been tested with Maya 6.5.

An attempt at creating a prototype Digital Asset Management tool for use with Maya scene files. The MEL script opens a tool that creates thumbnails of the .ma and .mb files within a selected folder, and is integrated with the Revision Control System (RCS) to allow version histories to be maintained for them. It also allows files to be checked in/out of an RCS folder, displays revision logs and presents thumbnails of all versions of a file side by side for visual comparison.

After some testing to see if I could get this to work on Windows, it has come to my attention that the popen() command doesn't work as well as on Linux. The tool spawns a command prompt version of Maya to create the thumbnails, but on Windows the spawned version doesn't seem to be able to accept any piped commands, which puts a bit of a spanner in the works. Time for a rethink....



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This is a collection of MEL scripts that will take a polygonal plane and create the geometry for a city from it by splitting it and then extruding each of the pieces up into individual buildings. There are a number of different building styles that the script will choose from at random, and the parameters of each style are also subject to an element of randomness to try to prevent repetition.

Updates - latest: 12/07/06



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A short animation of a chicken, done as part of a motion reference project. The first section was my attempt to create the motion of a chicken before looking at any reference material, whilst I used video footage as a guide for the second and third sections.


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No projects left to do - I guess I'll be coming up with a few of my own soon....ish! The job comes first for now :)